On behalf of Merin we transformed office building ‘the Curve’ in Arnhem into a unique and contemporary boutique office. An important part of the assignment was to create a vibrant public space, telling a story through its design.


the Veluwe symbol

In front of the building, a large green hill with a steel deer is situated. This artwork, once donated to the municipality, is an important landmark in the area and symbolizes the Veluwe (a nature reserve in the Netherlands). For this reason, we renamed the office building ‘Hert’ (hert means deer), and used the deer and the Veluwe as a starting point for the interior design.

Creating this concept, we were inspired by the vast Veluwe heathland with its changing faces: warm colours of the setting sun and the mysterious atmosphere of a misty scenery. The design includes frequent use of natural materials and plants, and it has a soft colour palette similar to that of the flowers and animals you find in the Veluwe. Needless to say, throughout the building you’ll find fun elements referring to the deer concept.

warmth and comfort

Upon arrival, the warm, wooden reception desk/coffee bar catches the eye. At your right hand, you’ll find the liftlanding with a comfortable lounge area. Waiting for your appointment is very pleasant with these cozy and comfy seats!

The beating heart of this boutique office is the spacious restaurant, where both visitors and users of the offices can enjoy a lunch or a great cup of coffee. The variety in seatings make this space suitable for various purposes. Not only is the restaurant a pleasant place to welcome guests and have informal meetings, it is a great spot to work individually: the furniture and fabrics are very comfortable, and the restaurant is equipped with all technical needs.


feel welcome

By using different seating heights and surprising elements, we designed an inspiring office building that fosters encounters, where you feel at home as soon as you enter. The picnic tables give you that bubbly summer feeling, which is enhanced by the presence of lavender plants. Combining these elements with the comfy fabrics, the design stimulate all senses of the guests.

The meeting rooms of Hert are situated on the ground floor as well. Just as the other spaces, the meeting rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and pleasant materials. They are serene and modern in design to benefit the keen focus during meetings. For those who need a moment of relaxation, Hert is provided with a ‘play area’ where people can challenge each other for a fanatic game of foosball.


The warmth, wooden reception and coffeebar


Lunch- and meeting area

Café and lunch area

Comfortable seats

project details

  • program

    720 m² café-restaurant & lobby
    140 m² meeting spaces

  • Client


  • In cooperation with

    amsterdam signpainters

  • Photography

    Muriel Janssen

  • phase


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