The niu Amity


In the city centre of Potsdam, the ‘backyard’ of the German capital Berlin, the niu Amity is being built.

the concept

In commission of Novum Group, Mulderblauw made the plans for the interior design. As with every the niu hotel, the direct surroundings serve as an inspiration for the interior design concept. With the ‘Freundschaftsinsel’ (translated ‘friendship island’) in front of the hotel, ‘companionship’ was a direct association.


cabin 2.0

‘Boy scouts’, and everything that comes with it, is a vibe that runs through the hotel.

We tapped into the typical feel of scouts, like being outdoors, that everybody relates to; translating common elements such as knots and badges into a contemporary design. We combined these elements with a natural colour palette based on hues you would find in the forest.


calmth of the forest

Steel elements are in contrast with the use of wood and vivid colour accents are a bright addition to the tranquil wood tones.


Upon entry, you feel the warm, friendly atmosphere that ‘the scouts’ entails. Pleasant seating arrangements give off the feeling of a cosy conversation around the campfire. At the picnic tables, you can meet new people, sitting on the swing you experience the feeling of freedom. In the hotel rooms, leather elements and comfortable materials make you feel like you’re staying in a private lodge: the perfect place to unwind. The balance of liveliness and comfort make a stay in the niu Amity feel like coming home after an adventure with companions.


Project details

  • Program

    195 hotel rooms
    75 apartments
    9,355 m² GFA

  • Brand

    the niu

  • Client

    Novum hospitality

  • Visualizations

    Vaes Visuals

  • Phase

    Final design

Did you know Mulderblauw respresents an array of 15 nationalities?

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