Merin invited Mulderblauw to carry out a second commission, this time for an office lobby in Den Bosch. The design for ‘Blauw’ consists of a central bar/desk that is immediately visible from both entrances.



Located behind the bar, in the centre of the space, is a volume covered in tiles and containing the kitchen, fitness space and toilets. In front of the volume are informal spots where visitors can eat and drink, as well as conduct informal chats and relax.


work & play

Visitors can also relax and read special books and magazines by the open fireplace, watch television or films, or play table football or old-fashioned board games. Located on the other side of the central volume are business units and various meeting rooms where people can work in peace or hold meetings.


Project details

  • Program

    348 m² lobby
    140 m² meeting space
    40 m² fitness
    rearrangement terrace

  • Client


  • In cooperation with

    Amsterdam Signpainters

  • Photography

    Chiel de Nooyer

  • Phase

    Completed in 2014

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