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The most important aspect of our work is invisible: The dialogue with our clients. Those conversations fill the gaps, so that we can design a building that is a definitive answer to their question. And on the – mostly unspoken – wishes that lay beyond the question. Our first task is bring those to the surface.


inside and out

For the user – a human of flesh and blood that works, lives and loves in a building – the interior may be even more important that the exterior. Luckily we don’t think in boxes, that’s why we design both. Our clients know that we can take on any design challenge. From hotels to houses, from office to distribution centres or other utilitybuildings. In the Netherlands, and beyond.


QO Amsterdam has won the FRAME People’s choice award in the category Sustainability


For many clients we are a constant factor. De thread that runs through the pearl necklace of buildingprojects. Involved from sketch to closure, we make sure that the accumulated knowledge won’t get lost or fragmented. So that every next project goes smoother, and that every result is better than before: A smart design, aimed at the users, with a life expectancy that we prefer to measure in centuries instead of decades.

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