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The most important aspect of our work is invisible: the dialogue with our clients. These discussions ensure that the building we design is one that reflects not only their explicit needs and wishes, but also their implicit underlying requirements. Digging to uncover what’s beneath the surface is the first – and vital – step in our design process.

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inside and out

For residents and occupants – the people who live, love, work and play in the buildings we create – the interior is perhaps even more important than the exterior. As professionals who refuse to be pigeonholed, we’re passionate about designing both. Our clients know they can come to us with almost any design challenge: from hotels to homes and from office buildings to distribution centres, both in the Netherlands and further afield.


QO Amsterdam has won the FRAME People’s choice award in the category Sustainability


For many of our clients, we are a constant: the common thread in a chain of different building projects. Thanks to our involvement in each stage of the process – from concept through to completion – none of the accumulated expertise is lost or fragmented. This means that every project is more streamlined than the one before, with ever-better results: smart, tailor-made designs that stand the test of time, with a lifespan measured in centuries rather than decades.

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