Citylofts bij Katoen


Carefree at Katoen: how we expanded the family with contemporary long-stay apartments


coming home

Your arrival at the Bleekveld in Goes feels like a warm hug. The welcoming properties of the Katoen-family –  a boutique-style hotel, event space ‘Zaal bij Katoen’ and brand new long-stay citylofts – embrace the Bleekveld square.


The entrance of the city lofts building consist of a large, floor-to-ceiling glass facade. The lively character seduces you to enter the square and take a peek inside the building.


Entering this building feels like an immersion in the world of Katoen. The public space is designed as a smart living room, giving you that ‘welcome home’ feeling. Working on your laptop, meeting new people and doing your laundry: your daily matters blend together in one cosy space. For your convenience we added comfy furniture, plenty of sockets and a cabinet full of snacks and refreshments.


bright & natural

The first, second and third floor house the refined and contemporary citylofts. Staying here is a real treat: spacious, bright rooms enriched with natural elements and the latest tech equipment.


We added large glass doors with steel frames for maximum transparency and an ultimate loft-experience

modern luxury

To meet the boutique-style of the Katoen hotel, we used rich fabrics, designed a luxurious bathroom and an elegant kitchenette in the lofts.
High-quality and timeless design: the perfect long-stay getaway!

project details

  • Program

    1,689 m2 GFA
    m2 BVO living room
    18 citylofts

  • Client

    Houtelgroep B.V.

  • Photography


  • Phase



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