The niu Loco


In the series of the niu hotels, we have designed the interior for ‘the niu Loco’, a sparkling hotel in the German city of Munich.



Just like the other the niu hotels, the stimulation of senses and the location of the hotel played a key role in the design process.

The environment of the hotel has been an important area in history for the construction of the Maffei locomotives. With this as a start, we developed the concept.

sweet dreams

The design of the rooms and public spaces is a party in itself. The brass accents and artwork are a nod to the glory days of the locomotive industry. The soft and comfortable materials give the hotel a friendly character, making guests feel right at home in the niu Loco.


hard and soft

We refined the concept by giving the locomotive a contemporary counterpart: a ‘loco’ (literally: crazy) vibe. The look and feel of this hotel certainly lives up to its name. Glittering disco balls, the frequent use of popping pink and velvety surfaces make this hotel a true eye-catcher!

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Project details

  • Program

    191 rooms
    5,705 m² GFA

  • Brand

    The niu

  • Client

    Novum hospitality

  • Phase

    Completed in 2020


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