Merin invited us to transform this office building at Flight Forum in Eindhoven into a contemporary working space that fosters encounters.

space & daylight

The first and most radical intervention is the addition of a greenhouse-like volume that connects the two building volumes at ground level. Bringing together the shared facilities in this public space encourages occupants of both volumes to interact with one another. The facilities consist of a café and restaurant, conference spaces, a play area and a fitness space.


inspired by the sky

The theme we chose for the design of the space was the airport. The new name, Luchtruim, and the design of the various items of furniture and fixed elements refer to the technology and appearance of an airport.

For example, the conference spaces are fitted with hangar doors, the patterns of the floor covering are based on runway markings and the reception desk is made of riveted white steel aircraft skin.


In the design of the striking bar element, we used rivets. In the past, rivets were used in a variety of industries, but the amount of man-hours required has led to an increasing demand of adhesive bonding. The aviation industry is one of the few places where rivets are still used. This very strong steel connection is therefore directly associated with (old) aircrafts.


In addition, signage plays a strong connecting role by offering guests a recognizable environment, all the way from the formerly anonymous car park to the various spaces of encounter.


lunch & meeting space

meeting space

meeting space

Project details

  • Program

    750 m² cafe & restaurant & lobby
    300 m² meeting space
    75 m² fitness

  • Client


  • In cooperation with

    Amsterdam Signpainters

  • Photography

    Chiel de Nooyer

  • Phase

    Completed in 2015

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