Keynes Club


Property owner Merin appointed us to elaborate a special concept. Merin, which occupies part of the building itself, asked us to help create easily rentable office units inside the building.

08 kopie


The basic concept is the provision of high-standard food and beverages in a central entrance space. The barista welcomes visitors, offers them something to drink, and informs the staff upstairs that their guest has arrived.

work & play

Besides good food and beverages, occupants and guests enjoy relaxation in the form of a fitness gym and table football, and a seating area stocked with inviting books. Staff can choose from a range of meeting spaces, depending on their needs. We also added a subtle roof overhang to the exterior of the building and designed a forecourt in the car park so that people can lunch or even work outdoors.


Project details

  • Program

    185 m² cafe and lobby
    135 m² meeting spaces
    44 m² fitness
    178 m² terrace

  • Client


  • Photography

    Chiel de Nooyer

  • Phase

    Completed in 2013

Did you know Mulderblauw respresents an array of 15 nationalities?

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