Assisted living Adelaarkerk


How we made a grim neighbourhood feel softer and more welcoming.

In the neighbourhood Bilgaard in Leeuwarden, on the former location of the Adelaarkerk, we made a design for an assisted living facility with 67 living units. This plan is a new, more lively perspective for a plot that has been vacant for so long.


caring for one another

The project consists of housing for mentally impaired young adults. There will be 67 assisted care units, divided over two living groups. Each group will have its own living room and supporting services, such as a kitchen and bicycle storage.

There is a common room for daytime activities, where residents can meet one another. The common room and the entrances to the living units all adjoin the patio. The two living rooms on the ground floor each have their own garden on the side of the street “De Jokse”.


The urban design of the neighbourhood is characterized by a strongly repetitive pattern of perpendicular buildings. The plot of the building has a special position within this pattern. The design of the plan accommodates a building that welcomes you from all directions. The rounded corners and the materialization give the building a soft appearance.


durable design

In the facade structure, the horizontal lines emphasize the soft shape of the building. In terms of materialization, we use sustainable materials that weather nicely; bricks for the façade bands and preserved wood for the panels inbetween the frames.

On the east side, opposite the apartments, the building is four storeys high. On the west side, the building has a composition of stepped volumes in order to find a pleasant connection with the single-family homes on that side.


project details

  • program

    67 single-person living units
    3.780 m² GFA

  • Client

    SVE Groep

  • Visualizations

    Vaes Visuals

  • Phase

    Final design


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