The City Garden


At the request of Yisheng Investment Group, a Chinese development and investment company, Mulderblauw and BAG Architecten have collaborated on the design of a large multipurpose building in the centre of Amstelveen.

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“The City Garden” will contain luxury apartments, a four-star hotel, shops, social amenities, and an underground car park. Adjoining the Stadstuinen development and town centre of Amstelveen, this is the biggest new-build construction site in the area.

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Owing to the varied height of the surrounding development, the urban design features a composition of stepped volumes. This results in an inviting, multipurpose building of varied height that is in balance with neighbouring buildings. The building block opens towards the Stadstuinen so that as many residents as possible can enjoy the green views.

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The design consists of a traditional composition of plinth, central portion and cornice. Moreover, the consistent application of the same details and distinctive façade stone gives the building a powerful character. Thanks to the sleek, traditional brick framework all around the building, the various functions present a single front to the surroundings.

20180414 Amstelveen_BS-16


A play of various brickwork courses and blank panels with a subtle pattern results in a vibrant composition.

light, views and space

The architecture of the one-level retail volume and the inner garden designed as a green element harmonize with the Stadstuinen while contrasting with the brick volume.

The form of the building lends itself perfectly to a highly varied mix of housing types. The City Garden contains no fewer than forty different types of apartments, varying from 108 m² to 276 m², with the possibility of connecting apartments together to create larger living units. Light, views and space formed the principles for creating the greatest possible level of living comfort. That is why all apartments feature floor-to-ceiling windows and very spacious balconies of at least 10 m².

1818,0 Van Heuven Goedhartlaan Amstelveen – interieur Type AE Balkon_300dpi
1818,0 Van Heuven Goedhartlaan Amstelveen – interieur Type AB_300dpi

project details

  • Program

    15,908 m² (77) apartments
    6,930 m² hotel
    708 m² shopping area
    824 m² restaurant
    395 m² social commodities
    1,400 m² rooftop garden
    4,106 m² parking area

  • Client

    Yisheng Investment Group

  • In cooperation with

    BAG Architecten

  • Visualizations

    Theo van Leur

  • Photography

    Muriel Janssen

  • Phase



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