Wijhof Phase 1


At the request of Novaform Vastgoedontwikkelaars we made a plan for a diverse housing project in Tilburg. For this project, located near the railway, we combined urban design and architectural elaboration.


A service road lined with company buildings cuts the building plot. The apartment building designed next to the railway tracks keeps out the sound of the trains by extending over the road.

woningb tilburg 02
woningb tilburg 01

vivid & varying

The necessary protection against noise in the four types of single-family dwellings is solved by the incorporation of bay windows, which also generate a lively and varied appearance.


The second row of dwellings is not as high, ensuring that a maximum amount of light penetrates the public space. The gardens oriented to the south have an entrance to the public stretch of greenery at the heart of the plan.

woningb tilburg 06

Project details

  • program

    80 single-family homes
    14 appartments
    1 multifunctional space

  • Client

    Novaform Vastgoedontwikkelaars

  • Photography

    Hans Morren

  • Phase

    Completed in 2009

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