Kindness in the big city: Rotterdam South is getting another gem


different faces

With the transformation around the Zuidplein and Ahoy shopping area, we enrich Rotterdam with a new, vibrant project where living, working and relaxation are joined together.

The modern, metropolitan look is a perfect match for the city of Rotterdam, while the attractive living areas serve the users of the area in the best way possible.


The spacious pedestrian roads coming from the shopping center, hospital and Strevelsweg merge in the heart of the building: the ‘City Lounge’. A dynamic place where residents and users of the building come together with passers-by.


beating heart

The City Lounge provides small-scale catering and has an accessible character due to the open-worked volume. Wood, warm tones and lots of greenery give this beating heart an inviting and natural appearance. The green platform fits in perfectly with this natural character and offers ample opportunities for sports, games and relaxation.


In addition to restaurants and cafés in the City Lounge, education and housing are also part of the main program. The flow of students and teachers help to activate the area. Together with the residents and users of the catering facilities, a lively area is created throughout the week, from early morning until late at night.


in development

In the current design, the houses are situated in two towers of different heights, with a green roof landscape in between. The houses in the base of the tower have a direct connection to this rich green roof. In addition we will add a mobility hub to the area. This hub offers a new way of transport that provides much more freedom than owning your own car, scooter or bicycle. It strengthens the pivotal function of the City Lounge and the area within the city.

The plan is currently under development, which means that we are looking into how we can optimize the design for the neighborhood and users.


project details

  • program

    64,000 m² GFA
    36,900 m² housing
    17,950 m² educational program
    2,050 m² catering
    250 m² retail

  • Client

    Blue-House BV

  • Visualizations

    Vaes Visuals

  • Phase

    Preliminary design

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