Strong versus gentle: upgrading a corporate area with a new, dynamic hotspot for the neighbourhood.


lively office park

To enrich the commercial office area ‘Amstel III & Bullewijk’, we designed a vibrant office spot: a place where working and recreation come together at the same venue.

The group of buildings we designed includes buzzing public spaces and is surrounded by a green, ribbon-shaped park. With its terraces, small allotment gardens and water squares, this spot is the perfect leisure area in the neighbourhood: before, during and after work!



When you reach the area from the motorway (the city side), the buildings stand out by their vertical lines, sleek appearance and black and white colour palette.


On the other side of the ensemble – the so called ‘village side’ – the buildings are lower. These buildings have a bronze colour, which gives the park area a warm and welcoming feeling.

urban village

All together we call this concept ‘Stadsdorp’: roughly translated in ‘Urban Village’. The ensemble flows from robust office to open and vivacious park: in both shape and function.


vibrant from the start

Entering the complex at the village side, you’ll be taken along the bustling energy created by the different features. The café serves made-to-order sandwiches and the aromatic smell of freshly brewed coffee will lure you over the square. The to-go supermarket offers products for the quick shoppers, all day long. The broad, glass entrances create transparency on the ground floor: the fast corporate life and casual public life merge seamlessly.



project details

  • Program

    25,000 m2 offices

  • Client

    Certitudo Capital

  • Visualization


  • Phase


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