Indigo – Palace Noordeinde

The Hague

At the request of Borealis Hotel Group, Mulderblauw transformed a monumental building in The Hague to a luxurious boutique hotel. The first Hotel Indigo of the Netherlands is now situated in this historical building.

Indigo_BS-09 kopie

detail for craft

The building has many characteristic elements and artisanal details.

gold bars

The property dates back to 1884 and has a rich history as agency of the Dutch Bank. Many original elements, such as the main safe with high-rise safe door and stained-glass windows, have been preserved. These are examples of essential elements that were given special attention during the design process.

the Vault

Hotel Indigo is the lifestyle brand of InterContinental Hotels Group. It focuses on creating an extraordinary experience for its guests. Storytelling, local influences and a ‘destination’ bar and restaurant are key elements of this brand.


Due to the former function as the Dutch Bank and the many historical elements, this building is a perfect location for the first Indigo Hotel in the Netherlands. One of the stories that appeals to the imagination, is the one that the Dutch stock of gold was once saved in the main safe of the building.


entrance restaurant

The construction consists of three parts that were once (1925-1927) molded into one by adding a whole new art deco style façade. The façades on the Heulstraat, Noordeinde and Paleisstraat are protected cityscape. Nevertheless, Mulderblauw has been granted permission to recreate a historic entrance on the side of the Noordeinde.



Noordeinde facade

Noordeinde facade


At the rear part of the building, we created a two-storey volume. This addition is made of a bronze coloured curtain wall, which is in line with the existing bronze window frames.



The exceptionally high floor height on the ground floor makes it possible to include entresol rooms in the design. These rooms are featured with a mezzanine, where the sleeping area is situated on the higher part and looks out over the entire room.

Due to the characteristic elements, the differences in height and the overall exceptional construction, the transformation was a rather complex one. Construction of the hotel was completed in February of 2018. The property is now accessible to the public again, after years of vacancy.



hotel rooms

historical elements

meeting room 'The Vault'

historical elements

across palace Noordeinde

project details

  • Program

    63 rooms
    3,600 m² GFA

  • Brand

    Hotel Indigo
    InterContinental Hotels Group

  • Client

    Borealis Hotel Group

  • In cooperation with

    HUGO interieurvormgeving

  • Photography

    Muriel Janssen

  • Phase


Did you know Mulderblauw respresents an array of 15 nationalities?

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