The niu Relict


In the series of the niu hotels that Mulderblauw develops for Novum Hospitality, we’ve designed the interior for the niu Relict in Cologne. As with the other hotel in this chain, the design of the niu Relict is inspired by the location and surroundings of the building.


surprising contrasts

The fulfilled feeling of reaching your richly decorated, royal house after a peaceful stroll in the woods… this contented feeling is the starting point of the design of the niu Relict. With the large nature reserve ‘Köningsforst’ just steps away, and the status as a pilgrimage that Cologne has, this concept fits perfectly to the location of the hotel.

Looking for a contemporary contrast to this majestic story line, we’ve been inspired by Museum Ludwig, a museum for modern art in the centre of Cologne. By bringing these two contrasting elements together in one concept, a unique and surprising interior is created.

The comfortable seats invite guests to sit down and enjoy the versatile design of the public spaces. Large wooden tables and hues from the forest alternate with typical Baroque patterns and ornamental brass lighting. Settle down on the intimate, rounded seatings or meet up at the bar for an unforgettable evening!

royal rooms

In the rooms we used paneling, rich materials and lush fabrics, making every room feel like a royal suite. The wooden texture on the floor and the colour palette from the forest tell the story of the nearby Königsforst. Combined with the other materials, a harmonious and comfortable whole is created. By the artwork, we created an unexpected element in the rooms. The paintings are a nod to the Pop Art culture, giving the room a surprising and young atmosphere.


Project details

  • Program

    120 rooms
    5,200 m² GFA

  • Brand

    The niu

  • Client

    Novum Hospitality

  • Visualizations

    Vaes Visuals

  • Phase

    Final design

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