The niu Dairy


At the request of HBB Groep, Mulderblauw made the design for the “the niu Dairy” hotel in Haarlem.


good for all

The niu is a new hotel brand of Novum Group that focuses on ‘the lifestyle of today’s people’, with Millinnials as the main target audience. This focus is reflected in the energetic design of the public spaces, the sustainable solutions and implementation of local stories. At each hotel, the location and environment are the sources of inspiration for the design, restaurant and retail. Located adjacent to the city centre and next to music venue Patronaat, the niu Dairy Hotel is an ideal stay for the intended audience.

the white motor

The design of the interior, as the name reveals, is inspired by the dairy that was once located on this site. For years, dairy ‘de Sierkan’ was a household name amongst the inhabitants of Haarlem. Nowadays, this area is mainly known by people because of the music venue ‘Patronaat’, which is located next to the hotel. Patronaat is one of the ten biggest music venues in the Netherlands. The subjects dairy, music and Dutch music artists are all blended in the interior design, and give the hotel a contemporary atmosphere.



Upon entry, guests arrive in the open, multifunctional public area. This welcoming space is a combination of a lobby, bar, restaurant and lounge, and the vibrant heart of the hotel.


the cow

Every floor has its own animal at the end of the corridor, that’s how you always know you’re on the right floor. The cow, the chicken and the goat will guide you!


The rooms are designed with light colors and comfortable materials, and like the rest of the hotel, have a contemporary look and feel.

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project details

  • program

    84 rooms
    4,185 m² GFA

  • Brand

    The niu

  • Client

    HBB groep
    novum hospitality

  • In cooperation with

    Amsterdam signpainters

  • Photography

    Muriel Janssen

  • Phase

    Completed in 2018

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