Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Within the framework of a tender bid, we were commissioned by Kondor Wessels Vastgoed to design a multipurpose building in Amsterdam.


A cheerless square with lots of parked cars lies opposite the Olympic Stadium, built for the 1928 games. The urban plan calls for an unambiguous volume, and we treat it like a sculpture. Inspiration was drawn from the monolithic character of the surrounding buildings: clear white elements with a strong and distinct façade composition.

2643 Stadionplein Amsterdam Render02

warm welcome

Gold-coloured façade planes and frames adorn the white building, revealing its warm and inviting side to passers-by and visitors at ground level.

looking beyond

Dictated by the functions, the building is very transparent in places, yet also partly blank where the function demands seclusion. Public functions are located on the first two levels, which explains why the design there is very transparent. In contrast, the hotel rooms on the other levels call for more seclusion. A collaborative venture between Hampton by Hilton and Les Galeries will provide an opportunity to exhibit items from Les Galeries in the public spaces of the hotel.

2643 Stadionplein Amsterdam Render04
2643 Stadionplein Amsterdam Render03

Project details

  • Program

    104 rooms
    3,500 m²
    1,660 m² art gallery
    500 m² food service industry
    5,670 m² car park

  • Client

    KondorWessels Vastgoed

  • Visualizations


  • Phase


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