Stack en Duet Haarlem

On behalf of HBB Groep, we designed a plan to redevelop an office building in the city of Haarlem. Its location on Leidsevaart at the junction with the Western Ring Road is ideal: close to the train station, the city centre of Haarlem and the beach.

The design consists of three volumes that respond in size and height to the urban context. The desired height emphasis results in the taller apartment building on the north side. The design of this building is strongly influenced by the noise load on both residential fields. Through innovative solutions with glass-proofing and soundproofing galleries, a pleasant living environment has been created.

The lower blocks with spacious city houses on the site match the existing dwellings in height. The volumetric composition creates a noise-free courtyard where residents can meet. We opted to use soft materials that contrast with the urban façades.

The target group and location for the 98 apartments are the reason for the name of this part of the project; STACK: starters on track. High-quality finishes, central Wi-Fi and car-share services for residents are an original and fitting way of appealing to the target group of first-time buyers. The other part of the project – DUET – is, other than STACK, a combination of residential and business use. These 14 spacious single-family homes consist of both a living area and a practicing space or home office on the ground floor. 

project details
98 apartements
14 single-family homes
550 m2 office space
2400 m2 semi-basement
HBB Planontwikkeling
In construction